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A detailed guide about the Albanian capital, attractions, accommodation units and cultural spots, around Tirana, the capital of Albania. 



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Not everyone may pick up on the subtle difference between discovering a tourist destination for the first time and finding out about
a place as someone who already knows it. But when it comes to Tirana - the capital of Albania – such a distinction is necessary.
One of the merits of this guidebook, is that it helps those who would say they know Tirana, to see the city through new eyes following special new pathways of discovery and gaining thought-provocing insights into life in Tirana and surroundings, as well as getting useful hints on how to make the most of the experience, hunting out the countless fascinating aspects that explain you why a city, or a capital exerts such an irresistible pull on thousand of tourists. Tirana is a hospitable place that warmly welcomes visitors. With this guide in your hand, discerning tourists will be able to uncover yet more of the area’s typical qualities. Than enjoy a new Tirana in a completely new guidebook!

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